The world is changing, our climate is changing and sustainability is becoming more and more prevalent in our minds. Earlier this year, as the owner of Designer Travel by Simon Collinge I started out on the path to becoming a TTG (Travel Trade Gazette) Sustainable Travel Ambassador, signing up to undertake a series of courses […]

Sustainability and travel aren’t necessarily two words you would normally associate together however, the world is changing and so is the travel industry. I am absolutely thrilled to share that I have been chosen as one of just 20 Travel Trade Gazette (TTG – one of the UK’s largest trade magazines for the travel industry) […]

Do you have friends who go on cruises but you’re not sure if it’s really for you? Have you seen cruises advertised but you just don’t fancy it? Here are some of my own, personal thoughts and experiences regarding cruises and why you could be missing out.. Before I started working in travel I would never have […]