All of the team here at Designer Travel have taken on the challenge of making a real difference when it comes to our amazing planet.

I am absolutely thrilled to have been chosen as one of just 20 Travel Trade Gazette (TTG – one of the UK’s largest trade magazines for the travel industry) Sustainable Travel Ambassadors for 2024! This honour is not only a testament to my passion for sustainable travel but also an incredible opportunity to contribute to positive change in the industry.

Throughout 2024, I’ll be engaging in a series of educational workshops that will deepen my understanding of sustainable tourism. These workshops will cover a wide array of topics, from reducing carbon footprints and supporting local communities to promoting cultural heritage and engaging in responsible tourism practices. The skills and knowledge gained from these sessions will be crucial as we strive to make travel smarter, better, and fairer for everyone involved.

Adding to this excitement, I have also signed up for Designer Travel’s own Sustainability Masterclass with Kiwano Tourism, gaining even more invaluable insights and practical knowledge on how to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of travel as well as everyday life, further equipping me for my role as a TTG Sustainable Travel Ambassador.

However, it’s not just about learning – it’s also about putting that knowledge into action. I’ll be experiencing responsible tourism first hand, hearing directly from tour operators, hotel chains and tourism boards about their own initiatives and sustainability drives as well visiting destinations that are at the forefront of sustainability. These experiences will highlight the tangible benefits of sustainable practices and the importance of preserving the beauty and integrity of the places we visit. I look forward to sharing some hopefully amazing and inspiring stories of how communities and businesses are innovating to protect their environments and cultures very soon.

By championing responsible travel choices wherever possible, I hope to encourage and inspire more people to at least consider travelling more responsibly and sustainably, helping people understand the big impact making even just a few little changes can really make.

Designer Travel have also created our 'Little Steps...Big Impact' story, told through the eyes of our baby elephant "Moyo" - which means heart in Swahili.

The World is an amazing place, let's try and keep it that way!


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